Car Bodykits For Toyota BRZ FT86 GT86 FRS VF Style FRP Fiber Glass Front Wider Fender +20mm Fiberglass Wheel Arch Flare Kit


販売価格$1,368.00 通常価格$1,654.00


External measurement certification: ISO9000
Product diameter: 1inch
Product height: 1inch
Product length: 1inch
Material type: FRP Fiber Glass
Item type: Fender
Product weight: 1kg
Special features: Front Wider Fender
Product size: 1inch
Model name: N / A
Model Year: All
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Material: FRP Fiber Glass
Surface: Unpainted
Fitment: BRZ FT86 GT86 FRS



      TIPS FOR All Customers:


      We are offering more of material finishing, please refer to the listing title for the correct one:


     - If the item is FRP fiber glass, it is un-painted, require prime and paint before install.


     - If the item is carbon fiber, it is glossy uv protected with 3K twill weave.


     - If the item is matte carbon fiber, it is matte finished.


     - If the item is ABS, it is plastic and can be installed directly.


     - Due to handcrafted product please accept minor adjustment while fitting.


     - Recommend professional body shop for installation.

     - Please contact us if we have not specified the shipping fee to your country.





FT86-FF-VF (6)FT86-FF-VF (12)FT86-FF-VF (8)FT86-FF-VF (10)FT86-FF-VF (16)FT86-FF-VF (26)FT86-FF-VF (24)FT86-FF-VF (20)FT86-FF-VF (22)FT86-FF-VF (28)BRZ FT86 GT86 FRS VF Style Front Wider Fender +20mm FRP (23)_1BRZ FT86 GT86 FRS VF Style Front Wider Fender +20mm FRP (22)_1BRZ FT86 GT86 FRS VF Style Front Wider Fender +20mm FRP (20)_1

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