Glitztxunk Polarized Sunglasses Men Brand Designer Square Sports Sun Glasses for Men Driving Black Frame Goggle UV400 okulary


Lenses Color: blue 1 Bright black
Frame Color: Black
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Glitztxunk Polarized Sunglasses Men Brand Designer Square Sports

Sun Glasses for Men Driving Black Frame Goggle UV400 okulary





1, one-handed pick will destroy the balance of the left and right frames, leading to deformation, it is recommended that you hold both hands and legs along both sides of the cheek cheeks pick the parallel direction.
2, take the first fold when the first left mirror legs, not easy to cause the frame deformation.
3, It is recommended to rinse the glasses with water and use a paper towel to dry the water, and then use a dedicated glasses cloth to try to rub off the side of the mirror to be wiped on the mirror side of the wire, gently wipe the lens to avoid excessive force caused by the frame or lens damage.
4, do not wear glasses, please put glasses into your glasses case. If temporarily placed, the convex surface of the glasses up, or easy to wear flowers lenses. At the same time, glasses should be avoided with insecticide, toilet articles, cosmetics, hair gel, drug products and other corrosive contact, avoid long-term direct sunlight and high temperature.


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