What is a "Sales partner"?

We are looking for sales partners such as retailers and distributors.

You can sell it on eBay, Amazon, Walmart or your website and more.

This will allow you to expand your profits.

Offer price

We offer special prices depending on your achievements.
We can offer you a special discounted price from 5% up to 20%.

Lot quantity / purchase quota limit

There are no lot quantities or quotas.
You can purchase from 1Peace.

However, it is based on your performance and may affect the offer price.

Payment fee

There are no payment fees regardless of quantity or transaction performance.

Payment cycle

Only pre-payment by credit card.
Please contact us in advance for bulk purchases.

Sales assistant will support you

Our dedicated sales staff will support you on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, wechat and more.

Please feel free to contact us.

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